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Patterns and Paradigms is an artsy, fun, creative resource that offers encouragement, insight, tools and support for those intent on creating a delightfully happy and richly satisfying life for themselves, tapping into the mother lode of their own highest potential. It is my mission to offer support through art (painting, photography and graphic design), coaching, teaching and research (from ancient wisdom through the latest human potential studies), as well as sharing valuable resources that I have found to be particularly beneficial to me on my own journey. It is a top priority for me to create a site that is fun and uplifting and results in more ease and flow in the process because, well, drama, struggle and strife just really isn’t very effective! I raise my coffee mug in a toast to a life we each can sincerely enjoy more and more every day…

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Thank you for being here, and I hope you enjoy exploring the site and find it beneficial!