Monthly Archives: September 2012

Birth Announcement for Patterns & Paradigms!

I’m pretty excited about Patterns & Paradigms coming into existence.  I gotta be honest, though.  This version of my business is not a first iteration.  Much to GoDaddy’s delight, I have tried to launch more than once, setting about busily creating domain names,  websites and business cards, only to watch it flounder and fade away.  While my husband is amused and an incredibly good sport about my many false starts, he is cheering me on to find my authentic expression and create a container for my work that truly fits.  I’m supposed to be the coach, but he does an amazing job of coaching me!

So, this version, Patterns & Paradigms, is definitely not a first iteration.  While it seems that it will stick because I’m still feeling very good about it even a few weeks later, I’m 200 percent certain that it has much evolution in its future.  That’s part of my intention and desire for the business, because that is my intention and desire for myself and the clients I work with.

This world is an ever-expanding, ever-abundant wide open space and I want to mirror that expansion and grow into it as much as I possibly can, and my business, Patterns & Paradigms, is just one expression of that.  This company is formed to study, learn and grow in the understanding of the patterns all around us that can be tapped for insight, information, and guidance – as well as understanding and gaining skill in shaping and creating paradigms – frameworks for thinking – that benefit us most and serve us best.  Of course, I want to, and plan to, benefit personally from  this knowledge and understanding, but the richness of the experience comes from sharing it with others and watching the amazing things they create and experience as a result.  This sharing will take place through coaching, teaching, writing and creating rich learning experiences.

This is my idea of fun.  I love to learn about the patterns and paradigms of life because it is incredibly fun to reap the understanding of the patterns and shift and tweak the paradigms, then watch life fall magically into place as a result.  Or, when it doesn’t play out exactly as intended, as is the case sometimes, at least have a shred of hope to understand what the heck happened.  I heard a quote recently that is so spot on:  “Some people let it happen, some people make it happen, and some people wonder what happened.”

I want to hang with the “make it happen” group AND I want to have fun in the midst of it.  Ya with me?