Monthly Archives: March 2014


Brute force is one approach.  Put your head down, muscle through, teeth gritted, grinding and clawing for results in whatever the endeavor happens to be.  Sometimes it gets results.  Sometimes.  Never mind that it leaves you in a sweaty, exhausted heap, sort of twitching when you think about the next phase of the project.

Or you can relax.  Letting go of the need for tight control, and going with the flow.  Just waiting for the inspiration and confident knowledge as to the best next action and then flowing and going.  Oh, yeah.  Flowin’ and goin’…

Love Never Fails

It’s true. Love never fails. It’s just that sometimes some people get a little confused about what love is.

I loved playing in my shed studio with paper, paint, stamps and ink to make this small multimedia piece. I don’t think I am at all confused about that.