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Affirmations and Magical Phrases


Magical phrase:  “Wouldn’t it be great if _____________”


I learned this magical phrase from my very first life coach.  I was really having a struggle with life, pretty much all aspects of my life at the time.  This is an elegantly simple process that she offered to me to help me shift my attention, and therefore my energy, to a better-feeling place.  This always creates better-feeling results.  It has worked incredibly well for me and I have used it many times to easily shift my energy to a more positive, pleasurable, productive place.


It is incredibly mind-blowing to experience the power and speed of this process.  It’s just a matter of remembering to do it.  And doing it, of course.  The reason it works so well is because it shifts your attention to what you do want and away from what you do not want, but it does it in a soft, gentle way that does not cause resistance.


This might remind you of another popular process:  affirmations.  Some people swear by them and adamantly insist that affirmations are the best thing since sliced bread.  It is true that affirmations work great for some people, but it’s just as true that they don’t work worth a flip for other people.  My theory for the apparent disparity in results is that there is a flawed premise.  Many, if not most, people believe that the power of affirmations is in the words themselves.  But the real power is the resulting feelings, because that is the indicator that your current thoughts are in alignment with your true self, you larger self, your inner being.


Affirmations are only helpful if they inspire you to a better-feeling emotional state.  Many people grit their teeth and keep saying them, purposely disregarding the fact that the affirmations are actually making them feel worse.  The worse feeling typically comes because the particular affirmation is not believable, it is out of reach for where a person is emotionally in this moment.  It would be better to completely toss affirmations out the window if they do not make you feel better, because using them is causing your energy to shift in a negative direction.  Affirmations are highly effective if you design them so that they help shift your energy in a positive direction, as evidenced by better feelings:  even if only a little better.


The phrase, “wouldn’t it be nice if ________” is so powerful because it facilitates getting your attention on what you really want without it being too much of a stretch to believe.  Therefore, it is a wonderful tool to help fine tune skill in shifting focus, but without the negative side effects of trying to convince yourself of something that you just really can’t believe.