Kona, Kitty and Me

I have a dog named Kona and a cat named Kitty.  Particularly creative name for the cat, I know.  She really has other names, but I can’t seem to call her anything but Kitty.  Kona is an old Chocolate Lab, but still pretty spry for her age.  She is the reason I go for my walks every day.  Strange how I will do it for her, but I won’t do it for myself.  But whatever reason works is a good enough reason for me.  She has such a sweet, sensitive nature, but she knows how to get what she wants.  A master of persuasion.  If I could stare at people with big, brown, melty, hopeful eyes like she does, I would probably win major sales and marketing awards.  However, I do think it best to not follow people around all day every day, very closely on their heels, breathing loudly like Looney Tunes’ Tazmanian Devil.  The likelihood they would find it annoying is quite high.  Taz would be a good name for her is she wasn’t already named Kona.

Kitty follows me around all day, too, but not quite so closely and she doesn’t breathe quite so loudly.  She does snore when she sleeps, which is most of the time, but it’s a cute little snore and not really annoying at all.  What is annoying is how she has digestive issues and leaves little messes to clean up.  She also is rather rotund and takes up way more than her share of the bed at night.  She takes up way more than her share of the chair during the day, too.  She magically appears instantaneously if there is tuna or chicken involved.

I like to complain about them a lot, but I secretly like them.  I secretly enjoy their company.  I am a retired software developer who now gets to stay home every day.   I’m quite sure I’ve really died and gone to heaven and it’s just like I’m still living on earth but it got so much better I have to tell dramatic stories like dying and going places to explain it.

Since I’ve retired from the corporate information technology world, I’ve been running around, flapping my arms and making lots of noise like I’m going to start an entrepreneurial venture.  I spent several thousand dollars, lots of time and cell phone minutes to get a life coach certification, with the intention of starting a life coaching business.  That venture is still parked at the gate.  It is not even pretending to taxi to the runway.  It didn’t seem like nearly as brilliant an idea when I thought about networking, and sales calls and, if that was successful, being tied to phone appointments all day.

In spite of the costs, I don’t regret the education.  I learned some extraordinarily valuable stuff and stretched past my previous comfort zone.  I have the potential to be a darn good life coach, and I probably will be one day as ideas emerge for how to do that and still enjoy the structure of my day.  In the meantime, my days are spent wandering around the house alone, except for Kona and Kitty, wondering how to create a successful entrepreneurial venture and still thoroughly enjoy my days.  I am in the enviable position of not having to work, so fear of starvation and homelessness are not scaring me into doing something I will despise.

As I find my way, I have peace of mind, furry companionship, the most amazing and awesome husband ever, and creative potential eager to find its way out.  About the furry companionship, though, a little personal space might be nice.  So, Kitty, please stop pushing the bathroom door open.  Yes, I know that Kona put you up to it.

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