In Defense of Kona

My dog, Kona, likes to put her paw on me when I pet her.  She’ll flop her most available paw up on my arm or leg, just however she can reach me.  It seems very important to her that she have a paw on me in some fashion.   I don’t know why she likes to do this.  It is very illogical. It’s really very sweet, but sometimes it hurts.  Like the other day when she was a little over-energetic with it, she miscalculated a bit when she was reaching for my arm, and nailed me right in the lip.  It drew blood.

Kona being overly excited was very understandable, as this was immediately after an overly exciting incident, a little run-in with the neighbor dogs who are big bullies and very brazen about it.  She was on her porch, minding her own business, when these two big bullies violated the sacred canine pee-marked boundaries and dog-trotted into the yard and surrounded her.  Needless to say, she assumed a defensive posture.  Fairly loudly.

I was inside the house, still in my dorky plaid pajamas, working on my laptop computer, when I heard the ruckus.  The volume and tone of the barking left no question in my mind that it was urgent, so I scrambled to my feet, grabbing the closest thing I could find for a weapon and charged outside to the rescue (yes, still in my pajamas).  In retrospect, the three-ring binder in my hand was a totally lame choice of weapon.

I realize a 50-something, silver-haired woman in her pajamas wielding a three-ring notebook, generally speaking, is not that intimidating, but it worked.  The bully neighbor dogs retreated as quickly as I emerged.  Thankfully, I never had to figure out what I was going to do with the notebook.  It seems that waving my arms wildly and screaming very unfriendly things at them was enough to convince the bully dogs.

I was there to even the odds and Kona, seeing that she now had backup, apparently felt empowered to take the offensive.  As the bully neighbor dogs ran down the driveway and out of the yard, she ran after them, barking.  It sounded a lot like, “And don’t come back!”  But I don’t’ really speak dog, so I can’t say that for sure.

Although the bully dogs were gone and we were safe in the house, Kona and I were both still a bit excited.  I kneeled in the floor beside her to comfort her.  That’s when she put her paw on me a little too exuberantly, and that was the end of me trying to comfort her.  I quickly decided I needed to comfort myself and also stop the bleeding.  Next time I just need to assess the excitement level before I get too close to that paw of hers.

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