Enjoying Creating as Much as the Creation

Everybody needs a good redefining every now and then.  That doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with the old definition, but there really is no such thing as staying put, and since you’re constantly changing and evolving and experiencing life anew each day, doesn’t it make sense to put some thought into the direction you’re moving rather than leaving it all up to chance – and entropy.

If I considered myself to be an expert on anything, I believe I would have to pick entropy as my most-known subject.  You stop paying attention to your diet and nutrition, and it “tends to disorder” in a blinding hurry!  If only it would tend back to order so quickly.

Organization is another hot entropic topic.  I can walk into my office, file everything, put everything away, even clean out my email inbox – then turn my back, and bam, it all jumps back out of place before I can boot up my computer.

What about cooking dinner?  You plan a meal, go grocery shopping, bring everything home, put it away neatly, clean the kitchen.  Then you’re ready to begin.  Hang onto your butt with both hands, because that baby’s going entropic in a big way.  When I am done cooking, every single dishy in the kitchen is dirty, food is splattered on every surface, and me personally?  Hair is a mess and makeup is melted.  Then you sit down with your guests, exhausted, not that hungry because you smelled it the whole time it was cooking – and oh, all right, I taste-tested everything at least three times – and then the meal is eaten in 15 minutes.  Seriously, how fair is that?  All things considered, shopping, cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving, cleaning up again, it took like nine hours to create the meal and then it is gone in 15 minutes!  Where is the equity in that?????

But even though the preparation far outweighs the actual meal, it is still worth it.  If you just measure it in black and white, time spent preparing versus time spent consuming the meal, it wouldn’t weigh out.  However, that doesn’t paint the whole picture.  There is so much to be gained from the experience of planning, executing, adjusting, imagining, and projecting, that the actual consumption of the meal is almost overshadowed.  The act of creation is the main thing.  The joy of imagining, planning, beginning to take action steps, seeing the image come into focus and begin to take shape – that’s the true joy.  Having your guests over and sitting down to a meal is just the excuse to get to engage in the creative act.

I’m asking myself how much more I would enjoy my life overall, minute to minute and not just the occasional highlights, if I really understood this more and slowed down enough to notice it, instead of trudging and striving and curmudgeoning my way through one task, agenda item, or to-do after another.  How much more fun would the simple things in life be?  How much more joy would I experience in the ordinary days of my life?

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