Karen has a natural talent for helping people find the answers they are seeking. She can effortlessly lead you to make your own discovery, or she can often supply the answer when you are unable to figure it out for yourself. She helped me get to the bottom of a problem that was holding me back in tennis, and more importantly, in life. The discovery has literally been life-changing. I am extremely grateful to have found her. Her talents, wisdom and compassion are priceless. ~ Jeanine C., Oklahoma

There is no way to describe the many benefits I’ve received from your coaching sessions. You are my first life coach, and I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone for any reason. Through your thought- provoking questions you’ve helped me to discover clarity of my desires and set clear and measurable goals. With each session I see positive results and I always feel better! I’m so grateful I found you! ~ Jackie S., Oklahoma

It has been a distinct pleasure and honor to have Karen Kuykendall as my life coach for the past 12 weeks. Her love of people and strong desire to help guide them to their greatest potential comes through in every session. Karen is a wealth of knowledge and resource to assist anyone on their way to self discovery and empowerment. I have had measurable growth in both my personal relationships and in my career. Thank you Karen for all that you have given of yourself to share with me. ~ Janelle K., Colorado

Working with Karen has been a positive experience. She helped me to stay on track with my goals and, at the least, to have a short term plan to accomplish what I wanted to do. Having an outside perspective on my life was valuable to me in ways I never expected. Karen helped me to realize that I was really passionate about writing a book. I’d played around with the idea for years but somehow I never got serious about it until she pointed it out. ~ Stewart R., Oklahoma