Meet Karen

I have always loved paint, markers of any kind, and paper (or any substrate, really). Fresh out of high school and ready to conquer the world, I studied graphic design at a small, local technical school. I landed a secretarial job (I already had those skills) at an advertising agency so I could be a part of that world and learn and absorb as much as possible. My clever plan was to work my way out of the secretarial field and into the role of graphic artist. However, because of my not-so-clever insecurity, I felt compelled to learn everything I could about computers, as they were just beginning to be utilized in the graphic design industry. Yes, that was a very long time ago. 

So I found myself at the local junior college taking computer classes. One class didn’t seem to dissolve the insecurity issue, so I took more classes. Lots more. Then it seemed logical to just get the darn associates degree, since I already had all those computer class credits. I must have lost my focus for a bit, because the next thing you know I found myself graduating with a bachelors of science degree in computer science (I found out I could make four times as much money on that path than I could as an artist in the ad agency). I put art-making on a shelf. 

So here I am, a retired computer systems analyst, decades later returning to my love for making art. Not without taking one more detour, though. After leaving the corporate information technology field, I became a certified life coach. It may seem like a hot mess of random interests and activities, but it really does all tie together. I have also always loved the fields of psychology and human potential. 

My art is an expression of the whole of me, and includes influences and elements from all these areas I’ve wandered through along my life’s journey: logic, systems, potential, inspiration, universal truths and beauty. I enjoy working in several mediums: photography, graphic design, digital art, acrylics, watercolor and paper arts; often combining them in one piece.